Backyard BBQ & Booze

Sun - Thur 11am-11pm    Fri - Sat  11am-2am  • Phone:  419-475-2515  •  2600 W. Sylvania Ave Toledo OH 43620

Backyard BBQ & Booze was born from a love of backyard barbecue with great company and great food. After years of experience from the backyards to the riboffs we have perfected our recipes through our friends, families, and judges

We smoke our meats with the finest Apple & Pecan woods, unique to Backyard BBQ & Booze. We start with our signature rubs unique to each cut of meat, and then proceed to smoke slow and low for up to 12hrs to achieve the perfect smoke ring. Enjoy our smoked meats "dry" or “wet” with one of our three special sauces.

-Smoke Ring: Slow cooked barbecue meats often exhibit a pink ring around the outside edge of the product. This pink ring may range from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch thick. In beef the ring is a reddish-pink and in pork, chicken, and turkey it is bright pink. This pink ring is often referred to as a "smoke ring" and is considered a prized attribute in many barbecue meats, especially barbecue beef briskets.

We hope you enjoy our special recipes and carefully smoked meats.​

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